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How to set up your Home Office during COVID (5 simple steps)

How to set up your Home Office during COVID (5 simple steps)

More people than ever are now working from home, and what many are finding is that their home office setup is far from ideal.

This leads to increased issues with neck pain, shoulder pain and headaches, as well as aggravation of existing issues with lower back pain and sciatica.

If this sounds like you, I want to share some simple tips to help you improve your home office setup, which will allow you to reduce the likelihood of experiencing things like neck pain, shoulder pain and headaches (as well as lower back pain and/or sciatica pain).

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Simple Ergonomic Tips to Reduce Back Pain, Neck Pain & Headaches

If you work in an office and end up sitting for 6 or more hours a day, you’re probably familiar with tension and pain in your neck and shoulders.

Often times this will lead to headaches, especially if you work in front of a computer.

Lower back pain is also very common for office workers, due to the amount of compressive pressure on the joints and discs.

During this presentation, I lay out a simple 3-step process to adjust your workstation to help you reduce these types of pain.

And I also share 4 other simple tips to help you keep things like back pain, neck pain and headaches at bay. Enjoy!

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