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How to Eliminate Recurrent Muscle Injuries (Sprains & Minor Tears)

Just the other day, a friend of mine called to ask me about some issues he was having with recurrent muscle issues.

Like me, Mark loves to play basketball…and now that he’s in his 40’s, some of his minor aches and pains are starting to catch up with him.

After injuring his calf muscle while playing basketball, he wanted to know what he could do to prevent these recurrent, annoying muscle sprains.

I’ll explain what I told Mark to do in today’s video. Enjoy!

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Good Pain vs Bad Pain (How do you know?)

Good Pain vs Bad Pain (How do you know?)

It’s not very common in my opinion, and in general pain should be something you want to avoid.

After all, pain is your body’s way of saying “stop it, something is wrong here!”

You may even recall an earlier blog post of mine where I discussed how the “No pain, no gain” mentality was getting so many people into trouble…

So again, in general, pain is something you want to avoid in life. And if you’ve been struggling with pain for an extended period, you definitely want to figure out the root cause of your pain so that you can eliminate it.

But like I said, once in a while, pain is actually a good thing.

The tricky part is this: trying to figure out the difference between “good pain” and “bad pain”.

There are 3 key points that will help you differentiate good pain from bad pain, which I’m going to discuss in today’s video.

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What is Your Injury Actually Telling You?

Written by Danielle McVey, PTA For most of you, you know how much I love being in the water. In fact, my aquatic therapy patients truly get to see a different side of me when I am working with them i…

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Ergonomics: 5 Tips to Reduce Pain at Work

Ergonomics: 5 Tips to Reduce Pain at Work

So earlier this week I sent out an email talking about the importance of proper ergonomics at work, and how a few simple changes can have a significant impact on pain and tension in the low back, neck…

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