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Knee pain relief physical therapy spokane valley

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Knee pain relief physical therapy spokane valley luke gordon
Luke Gordon, DPT

A quick message from Dr. Luke Gordon, Spokane Valley’s leading PT, about dealing with knee pain:

Knee pain is one of those things that can be pretty easy to ignore for a lot of people…whether it’s a stiff knee in the morning or some pain behind or in front of the knee…

Why is knee pain so easy to ignore?

The reason knee pain and knee stiffness are so easy to ignore is because they usually start out as nagging pain that doesn’t really stop you from doing anything (unless you have severe pain, which we’ll talk about shortly).

For most people, the pain just shows up with certain activities, like trying to get up from the couch or a low chair, or when going up and down stairs. For the more active people, the pain may only occur when they try to run, or go for a hike, or play soccer or basketball.

Whether your pain comes and goes with certain activities, or it’s gotten more frequent with even just light activities, here’s the dangerous pattern with knee pain: if you’ve had it for longer than about 9 days, not only is it unlikely to go away, but it’s almost guaranteed to worsen.

That occasional knee stiffness will gradually turn into more frequent knee soreness… and pretty soon, you’re experiencing ongoing soreness and pain on a regular basis, often times even when you’re resting or trying to sleep.

If this type of pain is allowed to worsen over time, what started as just knee irritation often turns into a structural injury.

This means that treating your knee pain while it’s still very manageable is a huge key to success!

That being said, while it sounds nice to treat your knee pain and stiffness early, before it gets serious and possibly causes a real injury, the majority of people we help eliminate knee pain at Gordon PT have been suffering for at least 2-3 months.

So don’t feel too bad if you haven’t gotten started yet!

Most of these people started off with very mild knee pain, but after 2-3 months (or even 6-12 months), their pain has progressed to the point where they’re now missing out on specific activities that they enjoy. This is the tipping point for most people, so I’ll say it again: most people will only come to us for treatment of their knee pain once they start missing out on activities that they love to do (like running, hiking, sports, or playing with kids or grandkids).

So if you’re reading through this page and you’re still only experiencing mild knee pain, this free report may be just what you need to help eliminate your knee pain before it gets much worse. And if your knee pain has gotten more intense, the 7 tips in this report should at the very least help you start to ease your pain.

To access this FREE report, simply click on the link and enter your basic information, or give us a call at the clinic at (509) 892-5442 and we’ll send you a copy in the mail. Also, if you have questions about your specific type of knee pain and want to learn more about uncovering the ROOT CAUSE of your pain, you can call me directly at the clinic or email me at

I hope you find this report helpful!


Luke Gordon, DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy & Owner of Gordon Physical Therapy

FREE REPORT: “7 Simple Ways to Stop Chronic, Daily, Annoying Knee Pain …Without Injections, Taking Painkillers or Having to Wear a Brace!”

Learn 7 ways to quickly ease knee pain…even if your doctor told you it was just old age or arthritis and that you’d have to live with it!

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“I first came in for a discovery visit to determine cause of pain on the left hip. A week later, I pulled a muscle in the lower right back which went into spasms. Luke and Aram were both helpful and flexible in treating first the muscle spasms and then the hip pain. After a month both problems have subsided and I’m able to resume all my regular activities, including yoga, swimming, snow shoeing and skiing.”
Babs, 60's

“I came to Gordon PT for elbow tendonitis. When I started, I couldn’t lift a coffee pot or comb my hair. After working with Luke, Aram and KayLynn I have so much more strength and feel so much better. I couldn’t be happier with the progress I’ve made here. The staff is so friendly and inviting. I am always greeted with a smile and great conversation. I would highly recommend these guys to anyone looking for a fun, friendly environment for their PT needs. I am very grateful to have found them!”
Michele, Late 40's

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