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Aquatic Physical Therapy (Spokane Valley)

Does Traditional Land-Based PT Seem Like it Will be Too Painful or Dangerous for Your Condition?  Aquatic Therapy May Be Just What You Need!
Aquatic therapy is an extremely valuable tool for rehabbing various conditions that can be difficult or unsafe to treat on land.  Below are the 3 “sample patients” who benefitted immensely from doing their PT with us in the pool:

Cheryl (62 years old, chronic lower back pain & sciatica)

Cheryl had tried everything to ease the pain in her lower back, as well as her sciatic nerve pain.  She even had a fusion and several injections.  Following a recent successful injection, she needed a way to improve her flexibility and core strength without re-aggravating her pain.  Working in the pool allowed her to do just that.  Now she’s able to continue her home program while optimizing the effects of her injection.

Michelle (45 years old, S/P tibial plateau fracture)

Michelle sustained a nasty fracture after she slipped on some ice and fell.  Once her surgeon released her for toe-touch weight-bearing (very light), she was also allowed to start walking in the deep end of the pool.  Getting a head start on walking again, which she couldn’t have done in the clinic for several more weeks, helped Michelle regain her normal walking pattern weeks in advance.  It also made her transition back to walking on land much easier.

Patrick (73 years old, S/P stroke)

Not only did Patrick have a hard time walking and balancing on land, but rapid fatigue and pain also significantly limited his tolerance for land-based PT.  But in the water, Patrick was a new man!  Overall, he made rapid gains with his walking, balance, fatigue and pain, and he was able to successfully transition all of his gains onto land as well. (Aquatic therapy is also great for people with other balance and fatigue issues, such as people with Parkinson’s Disease (PD) and Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

We host our aquatic therapy program offsite at Evergreen Fountains, which is a retirement community in Spokane Valley, WA, located at 1201 N. Evergreen (just south of the Valley Mall and I-90). The facility features a full-size pool, heated to a comfortable 88 degrees, large hot tub and locker rooms for men and women.

Our three aquatic therapists and highly trained and offer one-on-one pool therapy sessions, as well as small group therapy, depending on your medical conditions and your physical therapy goals.

If you’d like to know if you’d benefit from aquatic therapy, please call us today at (509) 892-5442!

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