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“How to Improve Your Balance & Prevent Falls”

Episode 13: “How to Improve Your Balance & Prevent Falls”

During this episode, Luke covers a large scope of information related to balance, dizziness (vertigo) and fall prevention. Here are the major topics:

->> Topic #1: The “Downward Spiral of Having a Fall…” This is the introduction to the workshop, which involves a discussion of how even having one isolated fall can significantly impact someone’s life. Here’s what tends to happen to someone who’s had a fall: they’re AFRAID of having another fall…this fear causes them to avoid activities that challenge their balance…as they become less active, their balance and strength get worse…as this happens, they become more likely to have another fall…meanwhile, they’re avoiding activities they used to enjoy, and they start to experience things like depression and anxiety…their “quality of life” is getting steadily worse over time, all because of one fall… If this sounds like you, this information should be very helpful! 

->> Topic #2: 3 Basic Steps to Maintaining Proper Balance. In this section, Luke gives you the overview of how balance works. Simply stated, here are the 3 steps: you must SENSE your balance, your brain must PROCESS this information, and your body must be able to RESPOND. Luke discusses how certain things can go wrong with these 3 steps. This knowledge helps you understand how to improve your balance. 

->> Topic #3: The “3 Balance Systems”. Learn all about how your body/brain sense your balance. The 3 systems include your vision, your sensation and your inner ear. Luke also explains a simple way to test the function of these 3 systems. 

->> Topic #4: Other Factors that Affect Your Balance. Balance is a multifaceted process, and there are several other factors that you need to understand and identify before trying to improve your balance.

->> Topic #5: What is Vertigo? Have you ever experienced the sensation of movement, swaying or spinning? Luke will explain how to understand and address vertigo, including “BPPV”.

->> Topic #6: How do we Successfully Treat Balance/Dizziness Issues? Now that you understand more about how proper balance works, as well as how many factors you need to consider, it’s time to talk about how to successfully improve your balance!

->> Topic #7: What’s Next? To wrap things up, Luke shares 2 options with you if you want to take the next step towards improving your balance… 

  • Option #1: Request a FREE 30-minute “Balance & Fall Risk” Assessment with one of our PTs! During your assessment, one of our PTs will help you do 2 things: Discovery what factors are limiting your balance, and determine if we can help you improve your balance with PT treatment.
  • Option #2: Request a copy of Luke’s FREE report titled “9 Simple Ways to Improve Your Balance and Prevent Another Fall” or visit to download the report directly to your phone or computer. 

Thank you for listening to the “Stay Healthy Spokane” podcast! If you have any comments/questions or ideas for future topics, please reach out to Luke at

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