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“We Help People Aged 40+ in Spokane Valley Stay Active and Independent, Live Free from Painkillers and Avoid Surgery… Even if They’ve Been Told Nothing Can be Done.”

“We Help People in Spokane Valley Stay Active and Independent, Live Free from Painkillers and Avoid Surgery”

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Gordon Physical Therapy Clinic In Spokane Valley

About Gordon Physical Therapy Clinic in Spokane Valley, WA

Voted #1 Physical Therapy Clinic in Spokane Valley, WA. Our goal is to help our clients stay as active and mobile as possible, without relying on pain medications, injections and surgery. We help our clients with a wide range of issues and diagnoses. We also offer several speciality services that you won’t find at most physical therapy clinics in Spokane and Spokane Valley, WA.

If you’d like to find out more about how to join us for physical therapy, or you have more questions before you make a decision about physical therapy, we’d love to hear from you! Simply give us a call at (509) 892-5442 or fill out one of our online forms if you’d like someone from Gordon PT to reach out to you!

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11 Simple & Effective Ways to Relieve Sciatica (Sciatic Nerve Pain) without Medications, Injections or Surgery!

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Learn 11 Simple Tips To Help You Eliminate Shoulder Pain Without Medications, Injections, or Surgery!

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8 Ways to Ensure a Speedy Recovery After Total Knee Replacement Surgery!

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What Other People Just Like You Are Saying About Gordon Physical Therapy in Spokane Valley, WA…

“I first came in for a discovery visit to determine cause of pain on the left hip. A week later, I pulled a muscle in the lower right back which went into spasms. Luke and Aram were both helpful and flexible in treating first the muscle spasms and then the hip pain. After a month both problems have subsided and I’m able to resume all my regular activities, including yoga, swimming, snow shoeing and skiing.”
Babs, 60's

“I came to Gordon PT for elbow tendonitis. When I started, I couldn’t lift a coffee pot or comb my hair. After working with Luke, Aram and KayLynn I have so much more strength and feel so much better. I couldn’t be happier with the progress I’ve made here. The staff is so friendly and inviting. I am always greeted with a smile and great conversation. I would highly recommend these guys to anyone looking for a fun, friendly environment for their PT needs. I am very grateful to have found them!”
Michele, Late 40's

luke gordon physical therapist spokane valley

Get to Know Dr. Luke Gordon – Doctor of Physical Therapy in Spokane Valley, WA

Luke was born and raised in Spokane Valley, where he attended West Valley High School. After graduating in 2001, he traveled to Washington State University, where he received a bachelor’s degree in Biology/Pre-Physical Therapy. Luke then returned home to Spokane and spent the next 3 years earning his doctorate degree in Physical Therapy at Eastern Washington University. He then joined his father, Robert, at Center for Physical & Sports Therapy, which was renamed Gordon Physical Therapy in 2014. His PT interests include helping clients with low back pain, sciatica, orthopedic injuries and surgeries, and balance-related issues. Feel free to contact him if you’re ever in need of any amazing Paleo recipes!

Gordon Physical Therapy in Spokane Valley, WA – Recent Blog Posts

How to fix “Hip Bursitis” (aka “Trochanteric Bursitis”)

If you have pain along the outside of one of your hips, right near the bone that you can feel with your hands, it’s very likely that you have “hip bursitis” or “trochanteric bursitis”.

This bony prominence is called your “greater trochanter”, which is why this type of hip pain is often called “trochanteric bursitis”.

In this video, I’ll explain how to treat your hip bursitis pain, which starts with finding the ROOT CAUSE of your pain and then following what I call the “3 Phases of Recovery”.

Check out the video if you’d like to learn how to eliminate your hip bursitis pain!

I also have a video about what causes hip bursitis and trochanteric bursitis, and you’re welcome to start with that video first (I link to that video at 34 seconds into this one).

I hope this video helps you eliminate your hip bursitis pain!

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“What Is/Causes Hip Bursitis?” (aka “trochanteric bursitis”)

Do you have pain along the outside of your thigh, right near that bony prominence that you can feel with your hands? (This bony prominence is your “greater tuberosity” in medical terms)

If so, you might just have hip bursitis, although known as “trochanteric bursitis”.

In this video, I’ll explain what hip bursitis is, as well as what causes it. I’ll also explain more about how the muscle tendons that attach to your greater tuberosity are often the cause of hip bursitis pain.

And in future videos, I’ll explain how to treat hip bursitis and achieve lasting hip pain relief.

I hope it helps!

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Total Knee Surgery – 4 Simple Ways to Reduce Swelling

If you’ve just had Total Knee Replacement (TKR) surgery, you’re probably dealing with a lot of swelling surrounding your knee…

And this swelling can be the biggest barrier between you achieving full range of motion (ROM) in your knee.

With that in mind, reducing your swelling during your recovery is of vital importance.

In this video, I’ll share 4 simple and effective ways you can reduce swelling at home during your recovery from total knee replacement surgery. And I’ll also share 3 other tips to help you manage any long-term swelling.

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