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3 Tips to Help You Lose Weight this Winter
Nov. 18, 2016
It’s getting towards the end of November and starting to feel a bit like winter here in Spokane.

And some of us have even started listening to Christmas music!

This is the time of year where a lot of people start to put on a few pounds… With all the good food and desserts between Thanksgiving and Christmas, it’s easy to understand why this happens.

I also hear a lot of people say something like “It’s too hard to get outside and exercise, because it’s so cold.”

Sound familiar?

If you’re hoping to avoid the 10-15 “holiday pounds” this year, followed by the New Year’s Resolution and ensuing intense workout schedule, I have 3 tips that I think will help you out.

3 Tips to Help You Lose Weight this Winter

  1. Put your fork down between bites (or spoon). A patient of mine recently mentioned this tactic to me, and I have to say I think it’s brilliant! If you’re like me, you’re constantly in a hurry when you eat (my official excuse is the 2 kids who will need something any minute!). So I find myself stuffing more food in my mouth before I even finish my bite. This has 2 negative effects. First, I’m not chewing my food very thoroughly, which limits my digestion of the food, leading to poor nutrient absorption. Second, when you eat this fast, you tend to overeat because your body doesn’t tell you that your stomach is full until you’ve already eaten too much.
  2. Eat your veggies first (and eat lots of them!): with all of the tempting sweets and carbohydrate-loaded foods this year, eating more veggies can definitely help you limit your carb/sugar intake, which will have a positive impact on your weight. I like to eat a bunch of vegetables first before I ever dive into the sweeter foods, since I end up having less room in my stomach for them (especially if I’ve put my fork down between bites and taken my time to chew my food thoroughly).
  3. Get outside everyday! I know it’s cold outside, but let’s put that big brain of yours to work. What do you do if it’s cold outside but you really want to get out for a walk and some fresh air…? Bingo! You put on more clothes! Wearing several light layers is the best strategy, since they’re easy to pull off if you get too warm. And believe me, getting outside for some light exercise is not only good for your weight, but it’s great for your overall sense of well-being as well.

So there you have it, 3 tips you help you stay fit and control your weight this holiday season.

With any luck, you won’t even need to read my blog post after the holidays telling you how to shed the weight you just put on…

Good luck, and enjoy this wonderful season (hopefully with the people you love)!



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