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4 Reasons Your Neck Pain & Headaches Aren’t Getting Better
Nov. 26, 2017
If you’ve already been trying everything you can think of to alleviate your neck pain and headaches, you might find yourself thinking something like “What am I doing wrong?”

Or maybe a better question is “What I am missing?” More than likely, you’re just one small change away from finally starting to ease the tension in your neck and shoulders and reducing your headaches.

The trick is just to figure out this one small change and stick to it over a period of time.

In the video below, I’ll explain the 4 most commonly overlooked reasons why people aren’t able to get on top of their neck pain and headaches, despite their best efforts with things like improving their posture and performing stretches and exercises.

Here’s a quick rundown of the 4 reasons, which again I’ll discuss in more detail in the video:

  1. You’re still sitting too much: recall that sitting for prolonged periods typically results in a lot of tension in your neck, shoulders and upper back, and it often causes tension headaches. Even if you’re trying not to sit as much at work and/or home, you still might be aggravating your neck on a daily basis (especially if you sit with poor posture).
  2. Too much caffeine, not enough water: nobody wants to hear this, but unfortunately caffeine is the number 1 trigger for headaches. Although many people use caffeine to help relieve headaches, in the long run the caffeine is making you worse.
  3. Too much stress: this is often overlooked and underappreciated by neck pain and headache sufferers, but the reality is that your stress level has a significant impact on your pain level and your body’s ability to heal. In general, look for ways to manage your stress and improve the quality of deep, restorative sleep you get at night.
  4. You just need a little help: despite all your best efforts, you might just need a little help to “get over the hump” with your neck pain and headaches. The good news is this: once you can eliminate your symptoms and restore normal movement in your muscles and joints, you can then switch your attention to keeping your neck happy and not have to worry about regular treatments.

I hope these 4 ideas help you or someone you care about! If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below the video!

And if you’d like even more helpful tips and advice to help you get on top of neck pain and headaches, visit to download our free report!

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