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4 Simple Home Exercises to Improve Your Balance
April 14, 2017
Spring is one of my favorite times of the year, for a variety of reasons…

I love to watch all the new buds on the trees and shrubs… the strawberry patch perks up overnight, and the wife and kids and I head to the garden to plant our early-season seeds (radishes, carrots, kale, spinach, lettuce, chard…)

And while I’m outside running around and enjoying myself, I can’t help but think about those people who would like to be outside as well but really don’t end up getting out much.

Do you know someone like this?

They used to love being active, going for long walks, playing with their kids and grandkids, and socializing with their friends.

But nowadays they tend to stay inside. Maybe they read a book, watch TV or do the crossword instead. And even though you know they want to get outside with you, they just don’t.

What happened to these people?

While the answer varies from person to person, one of the most common answers is this: they’re afraid of falling.

Going outside is now a scary proposition for these folks. Think about the unstable surfaces, like grass, gravel/rocks and maybe even trails.

So many things to trip over…and when it starts to get dark, forget about it!

For those people in your life who have had a recent fall, the fear of falling again can be absolutely devastating.

It usually happens slowly, but over time this fear can completely zap their quality of life.

The good news: most of these people can regain their balance, as well as their confidence, and improve their mobility and independence.

Most just need to know where to start.

In today’s blog, I want to share with you 4 simple and effective home exercises that people with poor balance can start doing today.

Since I’m covering exercises, I’m going to let the video take it from here. The exercises include: calf stretches, calf raises, standing hip side-kicks and squats.

Please share this video with a loved one who’s suffering from the fear of having another fall and who is now starting to miss out on the activities they love to do.

Also, if you’d like more in-depth information on simple ways to improve your balance and reduce the likelihood of having a fall, download my FREE report titled “9 Simple Ways to Improve Your Balance & Prevent Another Fall” by visiting this page:

Good luck improving your balance!


Here’s the video for the 4 home exercises:

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