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Achieve Your Goals Organically (…forget the other advice)
February 2, 2018
Have you tried you reach your goals with conventional advice?

It always sounds really good when you read about it, and usually goes something like this:

  1. Select 2-3 goals that would have the biggest impact on your life (or business, etc.)
  2. Make these goals as specific as possible
  3. Identify the key activities that will help you achieve your goals
  4. Set a timeline for achieving the goals
  5. Work backwards from there to set milestones and key actions
  6. Make sure to hold yourself accountable!
  7. When you achieve your goals, celebrate!

Again, the advice sounds really solid and reasonable, and for some people it works.

The problem is this: for most people it just doesn’t work!

I’m not really sure why this is the case, although I’ll offer my thoughts on it in the video.

So, if you’ve tried to follow conventional wisdom with your goal setting and goal attainment efforts, and you’ve been left feeling frustrated, I’d like to offer a different approach today.

I consider this approach to be more natural, or “organic” if you will, and I think it can work very well for many people. 

But you’ll have to be the judge and let me know! Here you go: 

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