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Balance & Fall Prevention: How PAIN Negatively Affects Your Balance

August 2, 2020

The presence of pain, such as hip pain, ankle pain or low back/sciatic pain, is one of the MOST overlooked factors related to improving your balance and reducing the likelihood of having a fall.

Consider this common example: let’s say you’ve been dealing with pain in your right hip and buttocks, such as trochanteric bursitis or a piriformis/sciatica issue. Your natural response to this right hip/buttocks pain will be to shift your weight away from the right side towards your left side. 

A couple things happen when you shift your weight to the left that can negatively impact your balance: 

->> First, the weight shift itself puts you at a higher risk of falling, as your body weight is now farther from your “center of gravity” and closer to the edge of your balance. In other words, you’re towards the edge of your “base of support”. 

->> Second, what do you think happens to your right leg over time as you start to use it less for walking and general activity…? You guessed it: the entire right leg starts to become weaker. The weakness in your right leg will make it more difficult to correct your balance should you need to. 

Do you see how much pain can negatively impact your balance? And this is just one example! 

In the video below, I’ll explain in more detail how pain can throw off your balance, and I’ll also explain what you can do to reduce your pain and improve your balance, so you can stay active, mobile and independent!

And for even more simple and effective tips to improve your balance at home, download my free report titled “9 Simple Ways to Improve Your Balance & Prevent Another Fall” by visiting this page:

I hope this video helps!

– Luke Gordon (Doctor of Physical Therapy/Owner of Gordon Physical Therapy)

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