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Exercise is Boring! How to Maintain Strength After You Finish PT

Aug 31, 2018

Not too long ago, I came to a startling realization about how PT exercises were boring…
This realization came after I had attended the Parkinson’s HOPE Conference, where I heard all about fun types of exercise for people with PD, including things like boxing, dancing and cycling. 
And recently, this topic has been on my mind quite a bit…mainly because we get patients who come back to us with recurrent complaints of things like knee pain, shoulder pain and back pain.
And inevitably, we ask them this ridiculous question: “Have you been doing your exercises?”
After being a PT for 11 years, you think I’d stop asking by now…I already know the answer…and I imagine you know it as well!

The answer is: “No, I stopped doing them after I stopped my PT.”
Incredible! Even when you tell people they need to keep doing their exercises to maintain all the gains they’ve worked so hard to attain, it doesn’t stick!
Okay, enough complaining (for now at least).
Surely, over the last 11 years I’ve come to understand that people don’t do this on purpose, simply because they love coming back to PT.
No, while people tend to enjoy seeing us, the majority would still prefer to avoid us…we don’t take offense to this, believe me 🙂

So here are 2 key points I’ve come to realize:

  • Key #1: “Home exercise programs” are boring! This means they won’t get done once PT stops.
  • Key #2: There are several better, more fun and entertaining options people can pursue to maintain the gains they’ve made in PT.
In the video below, I’m going to go a little more in depth on this topic, and I’ll tell you what I think you should do if you’re looking to maintain your current level of fitness, but you don’t want to do the same boring exercises day after day. 
Specifically, I’ll tell you about how to pick the right activities, especially if you have some specific goals you still want to work towards.
I hope you enjoy the video! And if you have any specific questions about how to choose the right exercises, shoot me an email at and I’ll see what I can do to help 🙂
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