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How Poor Balance Causes Neck Pain & Headaches (and what to do about it!)

May 28, 2021

At Gordon Physical Therapy, we help a lot of our clients improve their balance and reduce the likelihood of having a fall in the future. 

Many of these people have already had a fall (if not several), and they’re very motivated to improve their balance. 

As we start working with them, we often notice that many of them also can issues with neck pain and headaches. Many of them also have pain in their shoulders and upper back. 

And believe it or not, these types of pain are often directly related to their poor balance. 

Can you guess why that is?

Why so many people with poor balance end up with pain throughout their neck, shoulders and back…?

I’ll explain exactly how this happens in the video below!

After explaining how this happens, I’m also going to share three key pieces of advice in detail.

Here’s a quick overview of both parts of the video:

How Poor Balance Causes Neck Pain & Headaches

This is related to several factors, which again I present in more detail in the video below: 

  • People with poor balance tend to look at the ground when they walk
  • They also tend to bend at their knees and hips when they walk
  • This leads to more tension in the muscles throughout the back, shoulders and neck, causing pain over time
  • People with poor balance often sit more often, again causing muscle tension, especially if they sit with poor posture
  • People with poor balance often times avoid turning their head/neck when they stand and walk
  • This leads to stiffness in the neck and back

How to Fix Neck Pain & Headaches!

These are the 3 tips I share in the video:

->> Tip #1: Improve your balance

->> Tip #2: Work on your posture in sitting and standing

->> Tip #3: Get some “hands-on” help for your neck pain & headaches

That last tip is really important: if you’ve had issues with your balance for a prolonged period of time, and you also have issues with neck pain and headaches, you’re probably going to need some help eliminating your pain. 

I’ll explain in much more detail in the video below.

I hope this helps! 

For more tips and tricks to get rid of neck pain and headaches, check out my free report here: 

– Luke Gordon, DPT (Doctor of Physical Therapy/Owner of Gordon Physical Therapy)

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