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“Knee Pain Workshop” on 5-14-20 at Gordon Physical Therapy (plus newer Zoom video from 7-1-21)

May 18, 2020
Couldn’t make it to the LIVE “Knee Pain Workshop” on 5-14-20 at the clinic…?

Not to worry! We recorded the whole thing!

Check out the full video recording in the video below.

Here are the topics covered in the workshop:

->> Why is knee pain so common? Intro to the anatomy of the knee and top causes of pain.

->> Several other factors affect pain in the knee

->> The most common type of pain we see in the clinic…

->> Other common causes of knee pain

->> The Biggest Mistake People Suffering with Knee Pain Make…

->> How do we successfully treat knee pain?

->> The 3 Phases of Healing:

->> What’s next? Want some help getting to the Root Cause of your knee pain and figuring out what lasting pain relief looks like…? Learn how we can help!

And if you’d like the worksheet to follow along with the video, please send an email to

And now for the full video of the “Knee Pain Workshop”… Enjoy!

On 7-1-21, I hosted another “Knee Pain” Workshop, this time using Zoom (the sound quality is better on this video). 

Check it out below:

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