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Migraine Headaches Gone in 8 Days! (“20-30 Fast Track” Success Story)

December 6, 2023

Travis had been having migraine headaches for 10 years, and they’d gotten so bad that he could no longer exercise or play basketball without a massive headache…

And he had tried just about every treatment you could think of, including working with a neurologist.

Before getting Botox injections (and spending about $1500 out of his pocket), he decided to try the “20-30 Fast Track” program with his wife.

And after just 8 days on the program, his migraine headaches were gone!

Now, he’s able to work through the day without headaches, spend extra time with his kids when he gets home, and play basketball 2-3 times/week without having to worry about headaches!

If you’re ready to experience relief from your migraine headaches, check out Travis’s story!

And if you’d like to learn more about the “20-30 Fast Track” program, check out this website:

This program is available throughout the United States, as well as some additional countries.

Fill out one of the forms on the website to find someone who can help you in your location.

Don’t forget to leave Travis an inspiring comment before you go ūüôā

– Luke Gordon, DPT (Owner of Gordon Physical Therapy/”20-30 Fast Track” Facilitator)¬†

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