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“My Doctors Says I Have Arthritis (neck), and There’s Nothing I Can do About it”

Updated April 16, 2021

Several weeks ago, I was talking with a pleasant gal at a Senior Resource Fair about her neck pain (let’s call her Sherry).

As we got to talking about her pain, how long she’s been dealing with it, and what she’s done to deal with it, she mentioned this dreaded statement:

“My doctor says I have arthritis in my neck, and there’s nothing I can do about it.”

I cringe every time I hear this…

It’s the equivalent of being told “You’re just getting old. Pain is normal. Just deal with it.”

As we continued to talk, I asked Sherry what she had done to treat her neck pain in the past. She mentioned having a massage…

When I asked her if the massage helped, she responded that yes it did help. It loosened up her muscles and took away some pain.

Wait a minute!

The doctor told Sherry there’s nothing she can do about her neck pain, and yet having a massage reduced her pain.

So who’s correct?

Is Sherry doomed to suffer with her neck pain forever, or are there some things we can do to reduce her pain, despite the fact that she has arthritis?

I made 3 key points to Sherry that day…

3 Key Points About Neck Pain & Headaches

->> Key Point #1: Your doctor is right, we can’t change your arthritis

->> Key Point #2: Your doctor is wrong, we can improve your pain

->> Key Point #3: We don’t have to change your arthritis to improve your pain

I’ll explain each of the 3 key points in detail in the video, and I’ll share with you the 2 things we do need to focus on to help Sherry feel better.

And if you’d like more tips and resources to eliminate neck pain and headaches, download my free report with 7 Secrets to eliminating neck pain and headaches by visiting

Enjoy 🙂

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