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“My doctor sent me to another PT clinic”
Sept. 29, 2017
This is a topic that I’ve been wanting to write about for quite some time…

…and just last weekend, I was again reminded that I need to finally get this message out.

Let me give you the scenario that inspired this blog before I dive into the message.

= = = = = =

Last weekend Stephanie and I were manning a booth at Valleyfest, when I noticed a previous patient of ours across the way.


Her name was Dee, and she was walking with a walker and not looking too good overall.


So I went over and asked Dee how she was doing.


As you can imagine, she told me not so good. She’s been having some trouble with her hips and back and is now relying heavily on her walker to get around.


I then mentioned to her that maybe it was something I could help her with, and do you know what she said to me…?


“I’m already doing physical therapy somewhere else.”


Now, I’ve heard this statement several times over the last 10 years…


And it still manages to hurt every time I hear it.  It’s almost like hearing that your girlfriend is cheating on you.


By now, I don’t really react to the statement, and I don’t take it personal. 


But instead, I asked Dee why she wasn’t coming to us.


You can probably guess her answer: “My doctor sent me to another clinic.”


= = = = = =

Okay, so Dee’s off the hook here.


Her doctor referred her to another clinic. In her case, she was referred to a clinic in the same building as her doctor.


But you know who’s not off the hook?


Me! That’s right, it’s my fault that Dee didn’t come back to our clinic!


I’ll tell you all about why I place the blame on myself in the video below (which is primarily me whining and complaining ).

Just kidding… I don’t whine, complain or cry in the video, but I will lay out a few key points about why it’s my responsibility for making sure Dee comes back to us and why I’ve let her down by not doing so.


Here’s the video:

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