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“Neck Pain & Headaches” Workshop 1-17-19 (full video of live event)
Jan. 18, 2019

Just in case you couldn’t make it to this live event at the clinic, I recorded the entire workshop!

I start things off by talking about the 4 structures that can cause neck pain and headaches…

And then we move on to the top 3 reasons these structures get aggravated.

After that, I discuss successful treatment options (for lasting pain relief).

In addition, there are quite a few good questions and stories from the audience. So if you’re suffering from neck pain, with or without headaches, the information in the video should really help!

And just in case you want to follow along with the worksheet that the attendees filled out, here’s all the written information:

  1. Your “Pain In The Neck” could be coming from one of these:
    1. Cervical __________. They are our natural shock absorbers.
    2. The _________ joints. They experience constant, repetitive motion. When inflamed, they can cause pain, _____________, and soreness.
    3. Your ____________. They serve as support wires to help keep your head and neck in normal alignment. This includes the _________________ muscles.
    4. The ___________ roots. They can cause pain radiating down the arms.
  2. The 3 Most Common Causes of Neck Pain
    1. Postural __________. Causes tension in the neck and shoulders.
    2. ________________ injuries, otherwise known as __________. May cause headaches, fatigue, vertigo, poor concentration, and sensitivity to noise and light.
    3. ______________ Includes changes to the facet joints, intervertebral discs, and the vertebrae.
  3. The #1 Single Biggest Mistake Neck Pain and Headache Sufferers Make:
    1. They __________ it
    2. Or they __________ it
    3. What they should do is: ___________ it
  4. How do we successfully eliminate neck pain and headaches?
    1. Step One: determine the _________ _________ of your pain
    2. Step Two: combine _________-____ therapy with specific stretches and exercises
  5. Treatment Goals:
    1. Reduce tension in the ____________
    2. Restore joint ____________ and flexibility
    3. Improve ____________
  6. What’s Next? 2 good options!
    1. Claim your FREE 30-minute “Discovery Visit” with one of our PTs. During your consultation, your PT will help you do 2 things:
      1. Discovery the underlying, root cause of your neck pain and/or headaches
      2. Determine if we’re the best option to help you reduce your pain and increase your activity level (as well as other potential treatment options)
    2. Feel free to email me any specific questions at

Below are the videos from the workshop.


– Luke Gordon

P.S. If you’d like more info about simple tips to ease neck pain and headaches, you can download my free report by visiting this page:

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