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Total Knee Replacements – How to Deal with Longstanding Pain & Stiffness After Surgery

Updated December 17, 2023

In previous blog posts and videos, I’ve talked a lot about how to prepare for Total Knee Replacement (TKR) surgery (aka Total Knee Arthroplasty or TKA).

This includes information on improving your knee strength and flexibility prior to surgery to improve the chances of a successful outcome, as well as exercises and tips that will help you immediately after surgery.

But what about those people who’ve had surgery, did their rehab, and are still struggling with pain and tightness in their knees?

This has been a popular question at the clinic lately, as we’re just wrapping up an 8-piece newspaper series on knee pain.

During this process, we’ve had several people with similar stories: they’re still struggling with a tight and painful knee, even though their surgeries were roughly a year ago.

Many of these people have already been back to see their surgeons, who basically tell them that they don’t have any surgical options left (at this stage, it’s too late to have a “manipulation under anesthesia”, which I’ll explain in the video).

Overall, I have good news for these folks: they’re not completely out of luck! 

Even though they don’t typically have any surgical options to help loosen up the knee, there’s often ways for us to help them improve their pain and flexibility, and ultimately the overall use of the knee.

I’ll explain this in more detail in the video, and I’ll also share 3 key pieces of advice for people looking to avoid this situation in the first piece.

Enjoy the video!

And if you have more questions about preparing for TKR surgery or want to know more about the post-surgery rehab process, my free report is an excellent resource for you: “8 Ways to Ensure a Speedy Recovery After Total Knee Replacement Surgery!” (Simply click the link to visit the download page)

– Luke Gordon, DPT

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