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Understanding Bulging Discs and Sciatica
Feb. 03, 2016
Chances are that if you haven’t already experienced back pain, you will at some point in your life.

Not many people are lucky enough to go an entire lifetime without at least tweaking their back…

…and for many people, back injuries can be much more severe.

While I consider myself lucky to never have experienced any major back injuries, I can still remember bending forward to tie my shoes in college and not being able to stand up straight for the next 2 days.

And if you’re really unlucky, you may even get pain shooting from your back down into your buttocks and down the back of your leg.

This type of pain is typically referred to as “sciatica.” Some people might also mention things like “I pinched a nerve” or “I slipped a disc.”

While the descriptions and severity of these types of injuries to vary, they pretty much all have the same basic cause:

One or more of the discs in the low back squish/bulge backwards towards the nerves…and when they touch the nerves, OH BOY!

In this video, I discuss more in depth how these types of injuries occur as well as how to avoid them.

I hope this helps you or someone you know with a bulging disc and/or sciatic pain!

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