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Weight Loss Secrets #8 (Track Everything You Want to Improve!) and #9 (The Power of “THIN”!)

June 23, 2023

Weight Loss Secret #8

When it comes to your weight loss plan (or your health plan in general), there are going to be key aspects of your plan that you want to follow every single day.

And one of the best ways to make sure you follow your plan is to track every single thing you want to improve.

This can include tracking the following:

– The foods you’re eating

– Your water intake

– Any supplements you’re taking, such as a multivitamin and probiotics

– Your exercise level, including your steps

– Positive mindset books, videos and audio

– Sleep

Now, depending on your plan, you can either track these things on paper or using some type of health app on your phone (such as the “Fully Alive Nation” app that we use with the “20-30 Fast Track Program”).

The important part is this: track these things every day and review your success every evening before you go to bed.

This HABIT will help you stay focused on the things you want to improve, and by focusing your attention on these things, they’ll improve by default.

So use this tip to you advantage, regardless of what type of plan or program you’re following!

As always, if you’d like more information on the “20-30 Fast Track” program that I reference in the video, you can visit this website for more information: 

Once you’re there, feel free to take the free “Hormone Assessment Quiz” or fill out the “Take the Next Step” form to find a location near where you live.

I hope you enjoy this series of videos, designed to help you lose weight and improve your health! Here’s the video:

Weight Loss Secret #9

When most people hear the word “thin” in the context of weight loss, they think I’m talking about looking physically thin…

However, this concept is much more powerful than that!

THIN is actually an acronym for The High I Notice.

Simply put, THIN is the reason WHY you’re really trying to lose weight and improve your health, and this reason varies from person to person.

For example, my personal THIN is the way I feel when I’m eating healthy, exercising, taking my vitamins and getting good sleep: I feel positive and full of energy!

And this is what pulls me forward when I’m struggling with things like cravings (I’m often guilty of raiding the pantry at night after dinner in search of chips or chocolate!).

For other people, their THIN is the way they want to look: they want to look good in a certain outfit or pair of pants, they want a slim tummy, or they want defined abs.

Again, for others, especially older adults, their THIN is wanting to stay active, mobile and independent so they can keep up with their spouse and friends and go out to fun things. Like I said, it varies from person to person.

Do you know your THIN? Why is losing weight and improving your health so important to you?

If you can figure this out, you have a great chance of staying with your health plan or weight loss program!

So use this tip to your advantage! (The video is below)

 – Luke Gordon, DPT Doctor of Physical Therapy/20-30 Fast Track Facilitator 

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