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Weight Loss Videos #9 (How to Eliminate Cravings!) and #10 (The Importance of Drinking Water)

July 7, 2023

If you’re starting a new weight loss program (or a new diet), one of the hardest things you’ll deal with in the first several days is having to manage your cravings for certain foods and drinks.

This is especially true if you’re cutting out a lot of processed foods and sugars (you know, junk food!).

For me, that’s dark chocolate covered almonds, but for you that might be potato chips or a certain sugary soft drink.

Either way, our goal is to not give in to those cravings and ultimately to eliminate them.

In this video, I share several tips to help you manage these cravings, including the following:

– Remove “trigger foods” and drinks from your home

– Drink plenty of water, including lemon water and herbal tea

– Use lots of seasonings with your food

– Drink 1 Zevia per day (if allowed on your program)

– Chew Pur gum (if allowed on your program)

Lastly, the more you can stay focused on your “WHY”, which we also call your “THIN” on the 20-30 Fast Track, the more likely you’ll be successful with avoiding your cravings and sticking to your plan.

So make sure you’re filling your head with positive, inspirational messages on a regular basis and that you’re also connecting with other people who can build you up!

If you’d like more information on the “20-30 Fast Track” program that I reference in the video, you can visit this website for more information: 

Once you’re there, feel free to take the free “Hormone Assessment Quiz” or fill out the “Take the Next Step” form to find a location near where you live.

I hope you enjoy this NEW series of videos!

– Luke Gordon, DPT

Doctor of Physical Therapy/20-30 Fast Track Facilitator

If you’re starting a new weight loss program, there are several good reasons for you to make sure you’re drinking enough water (standard advice is to drink up to half your body weight in ounces per day).

In this video, I’ll cover the most important reasons to drink enough water, which includes:

– Helping flush out toxins

– Improved energy (especially if you’re cutting back on caffeine and sugar)

– Helps with cravings

I’ll also share several other tips that will help you with your water consumption, including the following:

– It’s okay to add lemon to your water and drink herbal teas

– Track your water consumption every day

– Consider using a large water bottle to help you keep track of your consumption

– Consider drinking most of your water early in the day

I hope this video helps you understand the importance of drinking enough water, especially when starting a new weight loss program!

If you’d like more information on the “20-30 Fast Track” program that I reference in the video, you can visit this website for more information:

– Luke Gordon, DPT 

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