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What Not to Wear to the Christmas Party… Because it Causes Back Pain
Dec. 04, 2015
Now that we’re officially into the Christmas season, it seems like holiday parties are popping up every day.

First there’s the “ugly sweater” party with your friends…then you have the work party…then your neighbors plan a get together.

While I don’t usually care what I wear to these parties, most of the women I know are quite a different story.

If you, or the women in your life, are anything like my mom, you’ve already got your outfit planned and ready to go (or at least on order).

Anyways, last year one of my patients came to see me with complaints of lower back pain after her work Christmas party, which she dressed up for…

Cindy comes and visits the clinic about once a year or so, with various complaints and pains. She works as a school teacher and is on her feet most of the day, so she tends to wear comfortable tennis shoes.

But last year, she decided to go all out for her work party, and she treated herself to a new pair of heels. The tall boots just weren’t cutting it for her dress, and she wanted to look amazing (which I’m sure she did!).

Unfortunately, what resulted was a severe back ache the next day…as well as some pain in the feet. After about a week, Cindy’s lower back pain hadn’t improved and she came back for some treatment.

Here’s why her pain was so severe…

Those gorgeous high heels can increase the pressure in your low back by up to 25 times!

That’s correct, 25 times! Not only that, but they can throw off the way you walk and lead to bad posture, all of which contributes to lower back pain.

And with all the dancing that can happen at Christmas parties (especially after a couple glasses of spiked egg nog), do you really want to place that kind of stress on your back this year?

So this year, why not trade in those heels for a pair of nicely cushioned flats. Or maybe a pair of high boots that don’t have a heel.

While the heels may be in fashion, dealing with lower back pain really isn’t. Especially if you miss that “ugly sweater” party!

Happy Partying!


P.S. If you’re already dealing with lower back pain or you start experiencing it this holiday season, give us a call at 509.892.5442 and we’ll send you a copy of our new report that includes 14 secrets to reducing lower back pain.

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