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Will Losing Weight Help Your Back Pain?
June 1, 2018

Earlier this week, I was speaking to a gentleman on the phone who called me with questions about his neuropathy and his ability to improve his balance.

As we were talking, he mentioned that he enjoyed gardening, but he could only be on his feet for about 10 minutes because of pain in his lower back.

When I asked him what he was planning to do about his back pain, this is what he told me: “My doctor says that if I lose 35# it should take care of 90% of my back pain.”

This statement brings up a few interesting questions:

  1. Does losing weight really help with back pain? Can it eliminate 90% of the pain?
  2. Is your weight the ROOT CAUSE of your back pain?

The simple answer to these questions is: No, absolutely not. There’s no chance that losing 35# is going to help this gentleman eliminate 90% of his back pain.

The full answer is a bit more detailed in terms of weight loss, its effect on pain reduction, finding the ROOT CAUSE of the pain, etc. And I’ll explain everything in today’s video.

But there’s one more interesting topic I bring up at the end of the video, which is this: the methods used to lose weight can have a significant impact on pain relief. 

Check out the video to find out what I mean!

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